ESME in teal nubuck, new stock and a little Home Ed note...

Thursday, 8 April 2010
Isnt this one lovely!
The contrast forest green ribbons suited it a treat.
I even found some rather special eel skin effect leather for the lining. Look at that texture and colour! I know you cant see it from the front but the wearer knows that its there, just for them!
This bundle of belted goodness is in the Fairysteps shop here

Last notes:
Several comments about our home educating family (simply because the word Superwoman was mentioned... so just a few points about this...

Its been 8 years since school featured in this house, 8 absolutely fantastic years! As my eldest approaches his 16th birthday it makes me appreciate even more how lucky we have been to spend that time together. He left school at 7 and although initially it was hard settling back to how it had been before he even went I can honestly say its been a very special joy. We only just talked about this very same thing together during tucking in time last night...

If you want to do it, dont think about it, just do it. A quote I heard recently on a play which comes back to me time and time again was "We had to, it was too easy not to". They were talking about another subject, but this quote can easily be linked to any subject.

It does not take huge amounts of time, money or anything else to home educate you just need to offer your children that chance to find their way as regards to learning. I feel they learn despite me. And they will most definetly learn more than me. They are their own teachers and because of that their ability to approach any subject and take it to any level is unlimitless.

This is the BIG thing I think about home edding, youve got to want to have your children around you and remember that its going to be a really, really long Summer holiday where the 'God, I cant wait for them to go back to school' bit so the house can be quiet, tidy, etc, never, ever comes again, until they have grown and flown. Some mothers find this the hard bit. I quite like having them around... and yes, we often drive each other bonkers...

Anything my children have learnt or excelled at has been nothing to do with me, its all been down to their own intelligence and self motivation.

My thoughts / views / take on home education! Dont be offended please by any of the above! I am a great believer in personal choice and each to their own, live and let live and any other way you may want to put it. Its all down to personal choice and whats right for you and your family. I dont think there is a right or a wrong way. All I can say is, arent we lucky we have a choice.


  1. Good for you Ren! Beautifully put and no-one could possibly take offense. OK, maybe not Superwoman, but I'm sure there's a minor Marvel Comics Superhero out there who wields knitting needles like a Ninja and obtains her super strength from a mysterious brew of herbs and hot water ;-)

  2. I think anyone who home schools is amazing. I tried it out of necessity once but only for a few months. It didn't work for me and I worried about the lack of playing with friends time. I'm a fairly quiet person who doesn't have a large social life so it was difficult for me to engineer friends to compensate for the interaction they would get in the playground if they were in school. Your children are having a fantastic childhood, well done! :o)xx

  3. Even as a trainee teacher I think being able to home educate is marvellous. However, in Germany it is illegal and home-eders are persecuted. There has recently been a spate of news around this in the UK, as social workers think it is easier for abuse to happen. Yours is not a political blog Ren, otherwise I would go off on a rant about this and other aspects of the government.

  4. I home schooled both of my kids during the transition from grade school to middle school. It was a blessing for them to not have to be thrown in the deep end, so to speak. I'm really glad I did it.
    Your belts are fabulous!