Bespoke shoes leaving today...

Thursday, 29 April 2010
Some rather pretty QUEENIE made for a proper fairy I think as these little beauties are only size 3!
I love the contrast...
Looking very pretty next to some fresh green...
Almost edible HOLLY in nut brown leather...
Very natural for Woodland fairies...
Nearly forgot a new pair of FLIP added to the shop as stock here
They are a UK 7 standard width fitting. Im so chuffed with the redesigned shape of this style.
I wish I had time to show you them all but I just cant! I would be spending all day taking pictures and editing them! Im not very quick at photos, Im afraid I fiddle and fuss too much over the whole business so it takes forever...

Talking of which... Blogger seems to have reverted to the old editor again? Someone must have been playing... Im so glad they stopped because the new one was ever so slow.

Its raining in Fairysteps Land for the first time in weeks and weeks. It feels strange hearing the raindrops on the roof, like a soft drum beat. If the sun comes out tommorow so will the Oak I think. You can almost hear the earth saying 'Thank you'.


  1. i love the holly shoes so much! shall have to have a save i think x

  2. Beatufil creations. I love the second pair^^
    la Zia Artemisia

  3. Lovely! Still got my eye on those too-big-for-me Moonshines in if I wore two pairs of thick socks, AND put the insoles in that my physio told me I should be wearing all the time...........!