Wood fired bread....

Monday, 1 March 2010
I had a wonderful Sunday and started the day by indulging in a spot of kneading on the kitchen table...
You know, I dont think theres anything nicer than making bread (even knitting... and thats saying something!)...
The entire table of tea time delights was all cooked in my trusty Rayburn. I made 3 loaves, half of which disappeared in about 15 minutes (the children turned into a locust like swarm, moving across the plates of goodies at alarming speed....), there were also plates of tarts filled with my homemade peach jam from last summer, fresh fruity scones and ginger and sultana buns.
I LOVE this stove, it seems to be able to do everything, except, and this is a big except, wash the dishes... I forgive it though because the bread tasted sooooo good. I like the idea that I can cook in the residue heat in the oven while its heating the water, drying my washing and making all the radiators hot. Highly recommended!!

If you havent made bread yet (you naughty person) then visit the recipe here!

Last words: What a stunning day! The morning walk was beautiful, accompanied by two tiddlywinks and our chocolate drop Dartmoor pony aptly named Cocoa. I saw signs of Spring and the wood ants (we have millions, the size of small hatchbacks) are out in force, so Daffy down dillys and bluebells are just around the corner.....


  1. That's a wonderful stove...I wish I had one like that! That bread looks delicious...I'm sure it's disappeared by now!
    Stella xx

  2. Wow that looks lovely. I recently bought a bag and a poppy purse from you and they arrived yesterday and I love them!

  3. I wish I had a Ray as well, wow...and they say that males can only do one thing at once! And I'm VERY naughty because I've never made bread...it scares me a bit, yeast and all that, bit too much like chemistry (never my strongest subject!) But I'm willing to give it a go if it means I can post some mouth-watering piccies like yours on my blog, he he! My bigger half made scones for 'proper' afternoon tea on Sunday, they were even heart shaped...I was well impressed. But if you happen to have a really good scone recipe you'd be willing to share............ ;-)

  4. I agree about bread making, it is balm for the soul. And I am so jealous of your new rayburn, WOW! I'd love one just like it.grag

  5. Ahh, you'll have to be kind to forgive me Ren, but I'd swarm like a locust, too, at such bread! How wonderful.

    I have to say, I've not seen a stove that can quite do all that yours does--dry clothes, even!

    I'll have to try your bread recipe. Sounds like you had a fantastic Sunday!

  6. That bread looks so good! Made my mouth water. I have stove envy! x