Vintage green dress...

Monday, 29 March 2010
It started with a downpour of rain on a Sunday afternoon...
Drawings were made, patterns traced onto tissue and altered. Dreams envisaged...
Pinning and seaming...
The overlocker overlocked its way through the edges, keeping things tidy...
Piles of trimmings were made for the bodice...
I love it! No zips added so I can just pull it on.
The bound front edge need tightening, but that can be done in a jiffy. Im ever so pleased with the bodice decoration, the fabric, the shape, the fit, the whole thing! I shall most definetly have to make new PLUM shoes to go with this now!

I might sew every Sunday afternoon...


  1. Gorgeous dress, I totally love it. I so enjoy your adventures in clothes making. It fills me with confidence and enthusiasm, but sadly not ability. Still, having a go is fun :)

  2. Neat - yes Sundays are odd days and if you're stuck indoors, they're even worse. Good for you - the dress is sooooo sweet...

  3. You'd match my sitting room. Those colours would be perfect!
    You're so clever at making such an amazing dress !xx

  4. Ditto everything said above. The fabric absolutely matches the style of pattern. Clever you! I hope you do sew every Sunaday & then post on your creations - what a way to brighten our Mondays.

  5. So pretty, Ren! I love the vintage feel of the trimmings on the bodice. How wonderful to be able to sew your own clothes... :)

  6. This dress turned out incredible. I love the ruffles on the front and the fabric. Totally lovely!

  7. OMG this is so beautiful! Simple and beautiful, the ruffles are a great touch!

  8. Beautiful dress! Well done.

  9. Beautiful, love the colours! I only wish I knew what had happened to my gran's old dress-maker's dummy, it would come in very handy!

  10. Hey! that's fantastic Ren! Is this your own design too? I am so impressed! I can scarcely make a pattern fit me never mind sketch one and voilà you did it on a rainy day. Hugs, A. xx