Of castles, dolly mixtures and friends...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010
I went on a picnic with my best friend yesterday...
We are both members of the National Trust so we went to nearby Castle Drogo for a wander, and a natter and a cup of tea. I sang 'Tea for two, and two for tea' to the lady in the tearoom and asked we would have extra tea if customers sang? (Best friend was probably utterly, completely and wholly embarrassed at this point....). She said, No, we just throw you out.... Worth a try was'nt it! Not very public spirited though...
My chocolate QUINCES looked perfect with striped legs... I MUST make another pair because I never seem to wear anything else now and I shall wear them out, and I musnt because I want them to last forever and ever.
Best friend brought a homemade stripey bag (she makes beautiful bags) and her newly acquired Cath Kidston satchel which she is very chuffed with... See, theres her knee and her boot...
It was bright, and sunny and altogether perfect... O and there were Dolly mixtures too!


  1. Sounds like a very nice Spring day. We still have the threat of more snow over our heads this weekend!

    Thank you for mentioning Dolly Mixture, I will have to get the in laws to bring some bags with them when they visit at Easter!! :D

    I really do love your outfit!

  2. I think that your Quinces look just about worn in, not worn out for years yet, surely?

  3. Love your outfit Ren, but your photo made me chuckle because I have a habit of taking photos of my feet (even used them on a cd cover once!)...there's something nice and earthy about it, 'look, I really was there, standing on that ground'. Great if travelling around by yourself!

  4. Sounds like a smashing good time was had by all. Hopefully Spring is finally here to stay!