Ive come over all stripey...

Thursday, 11 March 2010
I bought a striped cardigan in the Boden sale.... It arrived at Fairysteps land yesterday and made me smile from ear to ear.... I cast off my drab dark clothes this morning and rummaged in the wardrobe for suitable companions. A nice pea green T shirt (charity shop find), favourite red daisy skirt (Nomads), Striped seersucker petticoat (Fairysteps), Striped green stockings (Fairysteps).
I felt instantly Spring like and energised by the colours, ready to set off on my morning walk...
I took some pictures in the sunshine of 2 new stock items for the shop.
A new style vintage inspired bag called SNAFFLE. Made in delicious teal nubuck, its in the Fairysteps shop here
And a pretty FAE punch edition in the same leather here

Must dash... Ive got an appointment in the veg garden with Mr Fairysteps to discuss planting positions of a new batch of blueberries....


  1. Hi Ren,
    Love the snaffle bag, really cute! And how funny, I just ordered that very same stripy cardi and am waiting for the postie to bring it!!
    Rebecca x

  2. ooh! fabulous outfit from head to toe! i love everything and especially your new bags! just gorgeous in their colour and i love their sizes too. wishing you well!