FLUTTERBY shoes... updated pictures!

Thursday, 25 March 2010
The new FLUTTERBY shoes are finished and ready for a public airing!
I found everyones feedback about the ribbon element so helpful... so a big thank you to everyone who helped with that dilema. The favourite option was for the shoes to have the ribbons, but a few did point out that they felt the ribbons would be too fussy for them.
In the end I decided that I would do the punchwork on the butterflies, leaving only two top holes open for a ribbon option. So every pair will be supplied with ribbons which can be easily removed as your whim takes you. There, the best of both worlds!
I finish with my favourite image of these treasures!
They are a UK size 7, standard width (D) fitting, made in pumpkin pull up leather. I will be adding them to stock in the Fairysteps shop by the end of the week.


  1. A brilliant idea and they are truly lovely!x

  2. Those are beautiful! I love the colour :o) With or without the ribbon they look amazing - it's nice to have the choice! x

  3. I LOVE getting the best of both worlds.

  4. These are so original...I love them!!
    Stella xx