Eggs for lunch...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The hens are telling us its Spring time because eggs are popping out left, right and centre...

Their yokes are dark, rich and creamy. Their natural free ranging life shows in the taste and texture of their golden offerings. I think its because they listen to Radio 4 everyday...


  1. What gorgeous photos!

    And your website looks fabulous too. I'll be needing a new bag for summer I think....

  2. My two hens would like to say Hello! to yours... Happy Spring to all of you. We lost three hens last month since we forgot to lock the pen one night...eek! Two hens are still enough for us and amazingly, they layed all winter too!
    Hugs, A. xx

  3. mmm... yummy!Those photos are delicious! I'd so love to have chickens :o)

    There's a little award for you over on my Blog *Kreative Blogger!*

    (^_^) Take Care!

    Adore your bags!

    Chloe x

  4. I love your lovely chinaware. I nearly bought a teapot like your jug, but it was a little overpriced in the shop I was in!

    There really is nothing like home grown eggs, I agree :) Sadly I have a very sick hen in my kitchen as I type!!!

  5. Oooh lovely! My hubby's dream is to have a few chooks, but I'm not sure what Flynn would think of them. Mind you, a full-grown chook can be pretty scary to a smallish dog! My girls love collecting eggs from the 'chook-a-loos' when they go to stay at their nanny's house. Sigh...when we get that country block.........