DULCIE and POST in mulberry magic...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
My world has taken on a Mulberry tinge, I am viewing life through mulberry tinted spectacles...
I havent made a DULCIE bag for such a long time, and yet so many people sent kind and encouraging comments about this style. Ive tweaked the pattern a smidge and am ready to make more. Ive already cut a teal nubuck one and plan on doing one in a nut brown. Im jolly tempted to do a bright green with contrasting red poppy version too....
This beauty is in the Fairysteps Dotty Spottle bag collection here
And another mulberry beauty... POST with a lovely rounded rag tag and butterfly detail.
This leather is so scrumptious!
POST can be found in the Wild Wood collection in the Fairysteps shop here

More goodies to follow for the coming few days....


  1. That butterfly one is beautiful, I want! x

  2. It's gorgeous and I really like the idea of the bright green one withe the red poppy, that would look stunning!xx

  3. This color is beautiful...I love your flower and butterfly details. I, too, think the green bag with red poppy would be fabulous.
    All of your designs are so wearable, it's hard to choose a favorite! They're all favorites!
    Stella xx

  4. These bags are sooo pretty! I like the first one best because of the slanted cut of the cover. But what I find unique about them is the faded lilac color. They make me think of modern designs with a vintage-like approach.