At last Ive started... snipping

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
WARNING: this post shows an image of a Dolly wearing no knickers! Leave now if this will cause offense.

Sunday saw me busy at the big table, cutting and snipping pattern paper, drafting dress patterns for my Summer adventures...
I love this particular one.
This shot of the pattern shows how versatile its going to be. I bought it along with several (about 10.... shhhh) last week from Sew Essential Ltd. Nearly all of the patterns were 50% off! It was too good an offer to miss.
I copy all of my patterns onto paper to save cutting them up.
Winnie Woo, (the highly furred, beautiful, psychopathical killer of all small furred and feathered creatures here at home, who I both love and hate at the same time) was completely uninterested in my snippings....
Tiny tiddlywink was busy sewing too! Making a new skirt for her Dolly. I took this very risque shot of her resting between fittings. Talking of this Dolly, she is one of many one armed Dollies who had limbs removed by the aforementioned Winnie Woo, who as a kitten tried eating anything and everything, thus honing her attacking / killing / maiming / eating skills to a fine art.

I hope to have a dress completed and ready to show you all soon...


  1. He he, poor dolly! My youngest's Prince Charming doll and a barbie were recently chewed beyond redemption by a certain small dog who likes to ferret around in the cubby house after the girls have gone to bed, looking for interesting things to chew....BAD dog!

  2. How lovely that your daughter is sewing too. When I look back, I think I spent most of my childhood sewing! I remember at school how we were taught to transfer the pattern onto tracing paper. I expect this was so the whole class could use the same pattern! Such a good idea though and one I'd forgotten. After all, when you find a good pattern you want it to last for several adventures don't you?!xx