One more day to go!

Saturday, 13 February 2010
One more day to go and the bespoke shoe category will open up for orders! But, because I dont fancy setting the alarm clock for midnight the category will actually open this evening! Some time after tea I think...
Im rather excited! I like seeing what customers choose both in colours and styles. It makes it a little bit of an adventure everytime an order pops into my mail box! Im very much hoping that the simplified ordering system will give customers less of a headache and make it easier to choose. I really do think the 'less is more' attitude is the way to go. Ive adopted it increasingly, for more and more areas of my life and can honestly say I feel oodles better for it!!

I know its Sunday BUT I shall be heading to work in a moment, Im itching to get these bags made and into the shop as well as orders to send out early next week. Then I have a Ludo tournament booked (no Mrs Nice on this game, its going to be a, if I land on your counter Im sending you all the way home game.... tiny tiddlywink and I agree on the 'terms' beforehand), I hope I dont land on her counter! Then its a few hours off with a tea tray (pot of Earl Grey and bone china tea cups), Sense and Sensibility, chocolate cardigan knitting, yes I did start the sleeve last night, and a warm fire....

utter bliss....

p.s. We now have jam jar lampshades in the kitchen..... more on this later!

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  1. 'Less is More' is something that I know to be true, but I'm such a terrible hoarder and it's a hard habit to kick! But, I've decided that 2010 is the 'Year of Declutter' for me. If you've got a spare moment, pop over to my blog, I think you'll appreciate my last post, little old kitchenette seems so much happier now that it's pretty green and filled with lovely tea things!