The marshmallow room...

Monday, 1 February 2010
Ive needed gallons of this over the past few days... rivers of tea have flowed from the Rayburns kettle to the big brown tea pot, and finally into my spotty mug... fuelling the great Marshmallow Room adventure...
Tiny tiddlywinks worldly belongings were extracted from the dingy room to the sitting room, spreading outwards like an overfull council tip...
It even extended into the dining room. I really do not like mess... so this was all more than a bit painful for me! BUT, as I kept reminding myself, things must get worse before they get better. Ive been saying this in the house for 20 years now.... enough said!
The original colour was a very dark pink (barbie... yuk) and because I never had enough paint at the time, it was streaky dark paint, giving the whole room an overall feeling that it had been wallpapered with streaky bacon. Never a good look....
The end wall was damp and horrible. Mr Fairysteps cut all that out, panelled it with lovely wood, finished off with moulding, skirting and loveliness. I then set to painting an undercoat of white emulsion on the walls. It started bubbling and peeling, I started huffing and puffing. The room was covered from drawing pin holes and dents and digs from 3 tiddlywinks occupation over the years (my children spent their early years moving around the house like Nomads looking for ground to pitch their tent). The plaster was dry and hadnt been sealed when the room was originally built (I know because we built it!) so the paint just was never going to look tidy. It was at this point that I thought, Yes, Im going to do this job properly, once and for all.
Sooo, then began the long arduous task of peeling every morsel of paint from the walls, filling holes, sanding, sealing the plaster, undercoat, then 2 top coats, then collapse, Oops, no time to collapse there is the bed and the dressing table to do yet.....
Mr Fairysteps built the bed especially to take a narrow 2' 6" mattress. All the frames I saw were overpriced and very poorly made so making one was the only option. The knobs were added a few days ago and then I set about undercoating, sanding and then top coating in 2 coats of Satinwood. Its a proper Princesses bed now! I think a crochet blanket in here would be perfect, white borders with rosy centres... OR, Ive just remembered, I bought a stunning vintage original candlewick bedspread at a jumble sale last year. Its white with the most amazing rose patterns on it. Its about 1/2" thick, pure cotton and utterly snuggly. I must wash it when the sun comes out.... if the sun comes out....
The dressing table was a little bit of a dilema for me. Its an Arts & Crafts period piece made in solid oak so I was loath to cover up that beautiful dark honey patina. But the drawer handles were broke and the whole thing needed to be white to make it seem smaller in the room. The bedroom is the smallest in the house so giving the illusion of space really matters. Hence the white, and palest of pinks on the walls.
Now Ive painted this, I must admit it turned out rather nicely.
The little 'saved from the tip' school desk and chair sit next to the new radiator perfectly. The floor looks shocking now and needs painting, but thats a summer job for when we are outside. The curtain rail has to go back up and a new plug to be installed for the bedside lamp.
The room is being 'reloaded' at the moment and I am beginning to see the sitting room floor again.

Back to the Fairysteps workshop for me this week. I hope to be sending out shoe orders during the week together with a pile of accessory orders. And, by Jingo, if it isnt February... Im supposed to be opening up the bespoke shoe pages any day now.......

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Wow, what an improvement Ren! I must do something about my girls' was painted yellow long before they were twinkles in my eye, and it doesn't quite work with the white, green and pink roses that everything in it is decorated in now! I cannot believe you found that desk at the tip, it's beautiful just as it is. Looks like you'll be needing a STRONG cup of tea and a good lie down now! ;-)

  2. I love it that your fabric and dress pattern are talking!! You've done an amazing job of the bedroom. It's such a lovely feeling to put everything back into its new home isn't it? Don't make the mistake of painting the floor white mind, I did, it looked lovely for a week, ok nearly a week and is now (one of) the banes of my life! Well done it looks fantastic :)xx

  3. I know what you mean about painting good wood, but in a small person's room, it does look more suitable. I'm with Jessie on painting the floor white unless you're going for the distressed look (that means you as well as the floor!)

  4. Wow, you did do an amazing job! Impressive! I'd be half-way to mad doing half of what you accomplished!

  5. I love that school desk, I had one just like it when I was growing up, wonder what happened to it...

  6. wow! this was a big improvement! a lot work and so worth it. i want to live in this room now-just gorgeous! i love the bed, the dresser and mirror, the desk, the colour-love it all! you must take photos of everything put back in and it all put together. anyway, yay for room makeovers!