The latest hatching of shoes...

Thursday, 11 February 2010
MUSTARDSEED fairy boots in black with nightshade pimpernel decoration.
I hadnt planned on adding boots to the new collection BUT once I had shaped these up I couldnt resist...
They are fairy perfection!
A very special pair of chocolate brown QUINCE for a very special customers 40th birthday (hope you like the present...)!
And a new pair of DOTTY made in rose leather with brown polka dot ribbon detail.
All of the shoe orders will be sent off this afternoon so should be with their respective feet tommorow, or later if overseas.
Sorry Ive only shown a few here but photographing and expecting the weather to behave is rather time consuming, I knew you would understand! Back to work I go....

Note to myself: I must start the first sleeve of the chocolate glove tonight....


  1. I can smell the leather just looking at these pictures! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your walk with us too :)xx

  2. My birthday Quinces look scrumptious! Thankyou Ren, am looking forward to the postman arriving tomorrow!! Rebecca x

  3. Mmmmm, delicious! I LOVE boots, and these are very special. Don't suppose Moonshine might sneak in as well this year?! And the Quinces are perfect as always...what I want to know is, how does anyone make up their mind about what colour they want, when they're all so very scrumptious?! ;-)