I met Jack Frost in the lanes....

Wednesday, 10 February 2010
I had a rather chilly walk this morning....
The BIG, LONG tweed coat had to go on ready for the walk, adorned with a corsage made from handspun yarns... I blended in with the leaf mould quite well today... and of course my textured beret.


  1. My daughter is named Ivy...I love the pictures!! Can I come with you? :) A. xx

  2. Sigh, what a beautiful place to walk...I live in suburbia and it's not pleasant for rambling. I SO want those boots!

  3. How funny that we were both out walking in the woods on the same day :) Hmmm, when does a wood become a forest? I think 1000 acres is good enough, not sure how big our woods are!