Fair Trade clothing range....

Thursday, 4 February 2010
I appreciate that global trade for fair trade producers is a vital source of income for their families so with this premise in mind I am very happy to stock the wonderfully original Nomads Fair trade clothing range. All of the garments have been chosen to compliment the Fairysteps product range, hopefully making Fairysteps a one stop shop for a special outfit, top to toe!!!
Several BIG boxes have arrived in Fairysteps land today and more are to follow so watch the GARMENTS pages for updates over the next few weeks.
I can see this dress with a pair of poppy coloured, Fairysteps vintage style handmade shoes in the BUTTON style.....
I will be stocking oodles of 'twinset' lace trimmed camisoles and cardi's in naturals and brights!
Viscose jersey shrugs for a little summer cover up....
And lots of little summer sun dresses just incase the sun does make an appearance this year....

Hope you all approve!


  1. Love the skirt at the top. And I also like the jersey shrug (the pants are cool too). Wish I could wear it like that, but unfortunately, after 3 pregnancies, no gym visits for a year, and getting to a 'certain age' (he he) no, I don't think so! But I have several tops like that, and they're great over camis, dresses and so on! Hmmm, I'll stay tuned for more! :)

  2. I like that dress in the last pic! very summery and pretty.

  3. I love that pink dress! Shall keep an eye on the website x

  4. wow! how exciting! i adore the skirt in the first photo. i can see how all of these pieces would look fantastic with your fae shoes, stripey socks, belts and bags! how fantastic!

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