Chocolate tent to glove..... its finished!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Whilst the tiddlywinks did their morning lessons at the kitchen table I sat and finished my latest woolly project.... fuelled by 2 pots of Clipper fairtrade tea.... and encouraging comments from the tiddlywinks...
Then it was the exciting bit where I got to fiddle with buttons..... carefully selected to match but not match. Everything was finished off neatly, seams were tidied and squished and then it was time to tentatively try it on and see if it fitted.....
I hate working ribbed bands, but this one turned out very neatly! Phew!
The set in sleeves sat in just the right place...
The waist shaping that I worked into the pattern turned out just right. Its very plain but just what I was after. Having said that I think I will probably be knitting a lace extension for the hem. Partly because I could do with another 3 or 4" in length, but also because a teeny bit of jazzing up is need, but nothing too fussy.
I wore my new MOON print skirt today... they are in the Fairysteps shop here
Apologies for the photos but these were all taken by myself at arms length!
So the whole sorry story ended well!

What shall I start next???


  1. Wonderful and chocolatey too! Sooo nice to finish and then enjoy planning the next project...yum A. xx

  2. I love it,
    I love plain cardigans..:)
    Well there's plain cardigans and theres ugly plain cardigans!...
    Your cardigan far from that. What a yummy chocolate colour the wool is and the buttons finish it off nicely.
    You must be such a fast knitter....:)
    I love the skirt too.

    Are you on Ravelry?
    I'm Loopity lou on Ravelry.

  3. I am sooo jealous. It's everything my cardi isn't! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to pull mine apart and start again though! Well done, it's looks lovely and stylish :)

  4. Hi, just found your blog via Dairyhouse and looked at your website as well - lovely - in fact I bought a bag and a purse! The caridgan is really nice.

  5. Love the cardigan, just my favourite kind!! You must knit a beret to match Ren, and some fingerless mittens, then the outfit will be complete!
    Rebecca x

  6. I love it Ren, I wish it was mine! I'm still knitting with the wool from my unpicked purple monster cardigan. (I blogged about it a while back) I've just ran out of wool and have had to use oddments of other colours to complete it. I've just the neckrib to do, then the sewing but sadly I don't think I'm going to like it. Well I'll see what it's like when it's finished.xx