The airing cupboard has landed...

Thursday, 18 February 2010
If I could burst out of your computer screen and dance a jig on your keyboard I would....
Because I always have hundreds of the above, and lets face it every Mother in the whole wide world has hundreds too.... Ive missed my place to dry and fold and store it all once its dry.
Yesterday morning the new airing cupboard looked a bit like this... Mr Fairysteps was busying away with hammer and nails...
By teatime, it was nigh on complete, all but the doors which will be panelled and added later. My trusty clothes airer was taken down from its old haunt above our old Rayburn and installed above the new Rayburn. My Laundry processing factory is now back on track.

Im happy!!!!


  1. I have the Canadian version of this clothes dryer system at my house. I must say, I really look forward to the summer for using the clothes line again!

    A. xx

  2. It all looks gorgeous! Just read your older post about loving fires - I'm with you on that! Research has suggested that TVs with their light and flickering movements draw us in because they're a fire substitute! Interesting - I know which I'd rather have if I had to choose.

  3. Well, I suppose it's one advantage of living in a hot place...even in winter I usually get at least one sunny day a week for the washing. Although our family room often looks like a bedouin tent in winter, as I have my airer set up in front of the big gas heater...which incidentally is far more efficient than a dryer (had one once, got rid of it), and keeps us warm and toasty as well.