A small pile of corsages...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I think Spring may be just around the corner... Im checking daily for any snowdrops brave enough to pop their heads up to see the sky.

Ive also been beavering away at a small flower garden growing in my knitting basket..

All are in the 'Corsages & Pretties' section of the Fairysteps shop here.

This sunny Sunday see's the fairy shoemaker retreating to the studio sorting a shelf of what appears to be utter rubbish. It has sat there quietly, as all rubbish does, pretending to be needed, and like so much in my studio it all appears to be rubbish! Since I had to move everything for the 'grand upheavel' and have been FORCED (that needed capitals) to sift through it all Ive decided to be really thorough, questioning every items need to stay or go. So far on the shelf, I have kept only a quarter of its original contents. So then, what does that tell me.....

Im a terrible hoarder, that has to mend her ways or I will eventually drown under my own rubbish.


  1. Fret not, it's part of having a creative mind (or so I reassure myself). Every item that might ordinarily be discarded has a multitude of possibilities in some future work of art don't you think?

  2. Oh dear, me too! I've been pushed out of my little studio by stuff pretending to be needed, all those 'might-be-handies' as my family calls them. I really need to be harsh and get rid of it...oh but it's so hard!

  3. i love your little crochet flowers! :o) Since the snow has gone with the rain, im really missing colours.. besides grey, of course (^_^) were never short of grey here in the UK! :o)