Meet Clemmie...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ive fallen in love... all over again... it happens everytime I design a new bag. I dont think I will ever stop falling head over heels everytime I see a new one appear.

I had an inkling that she would be beautiful when I cut her from the hide.

A single compartment with an additional exterior phone pocket, but lots and lots of room, because....

She has an enormous bottom!

I see so much of myself in this bag that I may have to make one identical to keep for me.....

Last notes:

I have been unable to get to the post office to send of parcels due to snow and ice.

The XLarge Gypsy is made and pictures are in the shop here (Jen you will love it!).

Im still balancing on boards in my studio but in true British fashion am battling on regardless.

The coughs are STILL relentlesly grinding the whole house down... when will they end?

I do believe the nights are drawing out already, yippeee!!!!!


  1. Beautiful design and workmanship, Ren...and the color is gorgeous! Hope you're all on the mend with the coughs...have a great new year!
    Stella xxx

  2. It looks fabulous Ren, I can't wait!!

    Hope all of the coughs resolve soon, they can be so tiresome if they just hang around for ages.


  3. The color is scrumptious. You did it again, this bag is beautiful.

  4. This is so lovely Ren, you always manage to produce the most wnderful things. I always look forward to seeing what delights you have created.