HELP! I may be going shipping mad!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I have had so many emails about shipping overseas I couldnt even add them all up, infact I seem to be getting a string of queries daily....

Ive been madly researching greener ways of posting since squashing flat the Airmail option that I offered previously. Lots of customers suggested surface shipping as a greener option. Lots of my original points that I made initially about supporting local trade etc have also been commented on BIG time!
Some of the points made by customers are as follows:

  • "I cant find anyone locally who makes the same style of product as you do"... quite flattered by this and I suppose I should have seen it coming. Every single crafter of original goods are unique and I suppose it was a little silly of me expecting customers to just look down their road and they would find one.

  • Masses of you are utterly gutted that you cant have a slice of Fairysteps and are considering moving country....

  • A lot of people (and I mean alot) suggested that shipping by surface mail (boat) is by far greener and that they wouldnt mind waiting longer for parcels if it meant that they would still get a parcel.

  • Others have pointed out that global trade is inevitable and vital. Then Im sat by the Rayburn drinking my cup of imported fairtrade clipper organic tea whilst the children make themselves a cup of imported Fairtrade cocoa and we decide to have a portion of imported organic dried apricots with an imported clementine each and I am thinking, hang on a minute....... all this food came via boat.

Its an absolute minefield!!!!
I want to run a greener business, I want to make a difference for the future, I also want to make a living and continue to support others across the globe in making a living (its why I buy Fairtrade whenever I can) but would overseas shipping via boat be part of this??? Is just avoiding the airmail / aeroplane bit enough?

Even mentioning this may be tarnishing my previously installed halo...

Comments / advice please!


  1. Go with it and ship orders out by surface mail, it's a good compromise :)

    Lou x

  2. Well, I have been considering relocating to the UK partly due to this turn of events. However, that may be a bit stalkerish. Possibly.
    So if you would consider surface mail as an option, this would indeed be a good compromise, and also perhaps prevent my need to get on a plane just for no reason other than greed and intense covetousness.

    I do understand your reservations about shipping to us furreners. But it would be lovely...

  3. I can't pretend to know about the environmental damage done by airplanes vs. boats, and as much as I do hope that you will consider resuming shipments to the U.S. to the potentially fairy shoe-deprived here, I will certainly support whatever your conscience tells you to do. But my feet may never forgive you. ;)

  4. Hello There,

    I remember the first go at the international shipping, when you first announced it, and I stayed out of the fray then! :)

    However, I don't know, I would say listen to your heart, research, and see if it's where you want to go. At the end of the day it's YOUR life, and your conscience and while it's quite flattering that you have a product, just use your courage and sensibilities and see where it goes :) Mind you, I say this as a "Yankee" and someone who admires your work and who may never get a chance to see it up close and personal :)

  5. I think that it is vastly important to be a conscious business owner, for yourself, and your customers. Your decision to not send your product by air was obviously a very hard one for you to make. While I think shipping your product by surface mail is great alternative, I also think that any conclusion you come to should meet all of your moral standards. You will never be completely satisfied if they don’t. I don’t envy you this difficult decision. Good luck.

  6. Honestly, I have to say that I'm not convinced that shipping by surface mail is any greener than airmail. Those ships shove a lot of rubbish into the sea. I'm not sure my shipped bananas are any better for the planet than flown in bananas.

    My mother, the greenest person I know (puts me to shame), sends all the Christmas presents to the family in Australia by air mail still because of this.

    That's unhelpful I know, but just me two cents....

  7. Nothing would make me more happy....I can see my feets in your new dotty shoes an I'm willing to wait as long as it needs...I listened to your advice and started too looking out for some unique designers in my own country,I have done it before,but believe me,finding someone who knows how to make a perfect leather shoes is impossible...everything sets on -Made in China...I believe there are many shipment options,if you have time research them...but in the end the most important thing is your conscience and ethics...,don't do anything against them:)!