Granny square scarf in plum and burnt orange

Monday, 11 January 2010
I made myself a new scarf just before Christmas. I used a plum and burnt orange shade of double knit left over from the big crochet blanket escapade. I made it nice and long to wrap around and around for the ultimate in snuggliness. It was very easy to make. I just made lots of standard granny squares, joining them as I went to save seaming. I then went around and around the edge in trebles and double trebles. Finally finishing off with a few contrast crochet flowers on the end 4 squares.
The best bit is that my new scarf matches perfectly with the newly dyed / revamped pullyover. Long sleeved shirt, skirts, petticoats and a nice cardigan and Im sorted for the day!


  1. gorgeous colours! i love it!

  2. Such lovely colours! I made myself one recently too in purples and greens! Could I ask you, how do you join the granny squares together without sewing them? I sew hate the tedium of that!x

  3. Mmmm, luscious colours, I do LOVE bright colours! And I can crochet...a bit, tho' not really the weather for it here! :)