Last boots of the year...

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

MOONSHINES, my last boots of the year, and possibly for a while. Apart from finishing up my orders on the waiting list I dont plan on offering boots next year. Im going to concentrate instead on making oodles of stock for the new shoe collections... remember, no finger drumming and foot tapping next year....

The pictures are just too good not to share...

On the log heap outside the front door, currently much in need!

And finally a little stitchy detail of the triple moons.

The are for a very good Fairysteps customer, who has been a wonderful support over the last couple of years. This message goes out not just to Mary for ordering these beautiful moonshines and giving me the chance to create such treasures, but to all my customers...

Thank you a thousand, zillion, trillion times to you all, 

Ren xxxx


  1. And truly lovely boots they are!
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family :)

  2. Gorgeous, stunning, just plain lovely…. They embody the pixie spirit.

  3. Happy christmas Ren! And here's to a new year filled with magic and creative fun!xx

  4. Oh but i love the boots! Maybe you could train me to make the boots and employ me to do them for you! (I'm not kidding!)
    I need a pair of faery boots. If your not going ot be making them this year, is there anyone (Affordable) you can recommend?