Here one minute, gone the next....

Monday, 14 December 2009

This little beauty was in the Fairysteps shop for about a day and it sold! I can see why! What colours. It came together so beautifully I was sorely tempted to keep it as Plum is one of my favourite colours.

Things arent too well in Fairysteps land..... little tiddlywink is very poorly indeed, alternating between high temperatures and appalling coughing fits, coupled with absolutely no appetite (its been 2 weeks now), there is nothing worse for a Mother than seeing a little one feeling poorly is there. We are battling through but the lack of sleep is really getting to me now! I think Ive got sinusitus to top it off..... and Ive got a boot order which I must send before Christmas, and I must actually buy some Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas day, and I must finish my Christmas cooking, and I must sort out that big trug of dirty jumpers to handwash, and I must start on more orders on the list, and I must.............. big sigh....

and I must go to bed now and get some sleep so that everything will seem wonderful in the morning!

They say snow is afoot.....


  1. That is a beautiful little bag...and the color is scrumptious!
    I hope your little tiddlywink has a quick recovery...( lots of pure berry juice is good for high fevers and boosts immunities ), and may you all have a wonderful holiday!
    Stella xxx

  2. The bag is absolutely lovely! I hope your little sweetie gets better soon and I´m sure you´ll manage to get done everything...somehow... ;-)

    I know what you´re talking about, I should finish some custom orders myself instead of checking blogs!

    Have a nice Christmas!


  3. Ooooh, poor little ones can never be a good thing :( A good night's sleep will help to iron it all out a bit though ... Christmas is important but it comes and goes, cuddles with a poorly Tiddlywink is timeless :) And as for dirty jumpers .. ?! Bah! Another day! ;)

    Best wishes,

    Lou :)

  4. So sorry to hear you are so tired and the little one is unwell. Little ones can be tempted with a little melting icecream, it has everything they need to hold their socks on, sugar, carbs, and fat. As long as you have something to wear, don't stress about the washing pile. Good wishes for renewed health sent. Lindax

  5. Hi Ren, an after thought, Eucalyptus oil in a bowl of water left on a radiator in the room, or with fires, a bowl of very hot water with some drops sprinkled in with enfuse the room and make breathing easier, it actually soothes the bronchial linings. You should be able to get it quite reasonably at a chemist BP in a plain bottle. Lavender essential oil would help with sleeping a few drops under the pillow or in a bowl will help.