Under the scissors....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Since the arrival of the overlocker... nothing is safe from its seam cutting, double needled, ziggy zaggy gaze....

I rummaged amongst the 6 bin liners of 'old clothes' at 3 o'clock this morning (more on this in a moment) and found a rather nice long sleeved T shirt which I like the sludgey colour of, but did not like the high crew neck.

I always think that lower necklines look better, they elongate the face and neck which has to be a good thing, unless you are a giraffe in which case going for polo necks is probably best....

I cut off the bound crew neck very carefully being careful to take off as little as possible. I then overlocked the edge, stretching very slightly to get the ruffle as I went. I used a contrast dark brown thread which looks rather nice. I could lie and say this was planned, but must come clean and say that Im never changing the thread on the overlocker again.... it was a fiddly, fumbly nightmare which involved tweezers and a great deal of cussing!

Lastly I made a very teeny weeny rose corsage in some wool I dyed last year and pinned it on the ever so slightly folded over neckline.

Dah, dahhhhh.... a 'new' top for me and it didnt cost a penny!

Now about the 3 o'clock business this morning.... Mr Fairysteps is away at the moment so I took the chance to work all night and get the website tidied up ready for Christmas shoppers. It doesnt look very different I know but by jingo it takes a jolly (that might not be the best word because I wasnt smiling at the time) long time to tidy up a website....

Im filling up the cake tins this morning, helping little brains fill themselves up, helping tiny tiddlywink with more of the rag doll project and then working later this afternoon and this evening too. Ive already had a good tidy up around the house and washed a mountain of dishes. Im very lucky working from home because I get to squish it all in, family, home and work. Juggling your own hours means you can often get in a full 8 hour day even if it does start at 4 in the afternoon.

Must dash.... x


  1. I am now coveting an overlocker...!

  2. you sound inspired. Enjoy your new creative expression :)

  3. Clever you making that top come to life! I'm going to have a look at what you've done to your website now! :)

  4. Working from home does have its benefits:) Aside from the fact that some days I don't actually get around to brushing my hair until 4pm !! lol

    I could use a friendly neighbour like yourself...I have umpteen cutting & sewing jobs to do on clothes! lol
    I like your ideas :) x