Pod in damson

Thursday, 26 November 2009
I expect customers will have noticed that the Fairysteps shop has had a tidy up and a lick of paint...

I have renamed my lovely rag tag woodzie fairy bags.... Wild Wood bags came to mind (badger would approve, but the weasels might not).

A custom made POD bag in Damson grained... what a beauty of a rag tag. The customer specified a soft, squidgy front flap. Its as soft and squidgy as they come!

Another custom made one here, GYPSY in one of my favourite leathers, 'Plum pull up'. I love the way it changes colour as it creases. Divine!

ELEANOR in blackcurrant nubuck, in the shop here

I purposely aged the brass buckle on this belt, and have to say Im rather chuffed with the results. Its instantly old! More belts have been added too, see the NEW ITEMS link

And a new purse category, PAN SINGLE with various decorative details. I have lots of natural colours ready to sew up in this style, with button and rag tags. To see stock click here

Phew! That took some telling! I am beaming wildly because its all so lovely, even if I am biased because I made it all! O and did anyone notice the new backdrop for the goodies?? My outdoor photographing surface is so waterlogged that Ive had to think up a new place to do the snapping. I quite like it, its sort of fresh and clear and doesnt count on dry skies!

Next post will be all about the new batch of Fairy shoes. Im very close to sending off the November orders. Not much time left, but I have been beavering away at them all. I shall post a few images of some of my favourites before they head off in the little red van to their matching feet....


  1. love this new stuff, Peardrop is beeautiful! i'm drooling at Eleanor the belt and little plum Dimple too :))

  2. That's my POD too, it looks so scrumptious, almost edible!!...have got pile of stuff ready to go in it....can't wait!! Rebecca x

  3. Anne, poor you! Leather should always smell delicious! I dont know what to suggest except to say that I doubt you will ever get the smell out and all you can do is try to mask it. Try some essential oil in an unobtrusive area, as it will seep through and cause a stain. A stain might be better than a bad smell though!!! Other than that, have you tried a major polishing session? Including brushing the inside (if its bare skin and unlined) with a stiff brush. Hope this works. Ren x