Ive come over all Christmassey...

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The wind is howling, fit to bust, the rain is lashing down like theres no tommorow and the sky is as grey as a murky puddle.....
In an effort to cheer myself (and the rest of the household) I have put up a string of fairy lights in the kitchen.
The kitchen is now glowing like fairyland..... and Im getting very excited about starting the house decorations on December the first. We are having Christmas for a whole month this year!
Ive even redisgned the website and blog in suitably festive colours to cheer everyone else up too.

Working this afternoon.... lunch first and 3 cups of tea....

Last note: I wish it would stop raining so that I could take photographes of new stock to show you all.


  1. Your kitchen window looks lovely, what a good idea! I'm not planning on starting the decorating early but I do have the advent calenders sitting in a bag ready for the beginning of the month!x

  2. You're so productive, do you never sleep?

  3. I love the new look of your blog! And, I love the fairy lights in your kitchen! I think it is time for me to give my blog a new look at well-not sure what yet-it will be a surprise.

  4. Your fairy lights look like an effective antidote to howling wind and lashing rain.

  5. Funny the same thing is happening here today in the Blue Mountians rain wind and FOG!
    Yesterday my son and I where paddling our feet in the water at the local stream because it was so hot. Today it back to winter. The weather can't seen to make up its mind lol.
    I love the fairy lights!...:)

  6. oo i love fairy lights (^_^) especially in english winters.. Derbyshire's getting a good dose of dull too - bring on the snow!! =P