Overlocker.... to buy or not to buy, that is the question.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Ive gone a greenish shade at the moment because my bestest friend has a new overlocker..... Ive been himming and hahhing over getting one for years. Trouble is that when I looked on the internet for help and advice there was Soooooo much info and choice that my brain quickly overheated and I had to withdraw from the subject quickly before I self combusted. You know what I mean.

Anyway, as I was saying my good friend has saved me all of the hassle of decided 'which one' by just buying one! But should I get one?

I really like recycling old clothes, in fact with recession set to stay for the forseeable future, dwindling resources, grim fashions (I will get told off for that one!), not to mention the fact that I like being a bit self sufficient on the clothing front, Im thinking maybe yes.

So instead of handing over the 6 bags of clothes from the mammoth wardrobe sorting session (remember?) to the charity shop, Ive kept them back. 2 bags was old t shirts.... with an overlocker the possibilities are endless. I can make the tiddlywinks some rather nice clothes, I can make myself some raggedy (but overlocked edges!) fairy skirts and tops too. I have used my old domestic for this but the belt constantly slips and I cant seem to get a replacement. Cutting down on the zig zagging will help him to last longer too.

The picture above shows a very pretty top I bought at a charity shop this past summer. Remember I used it HERE for this outfit. Ive used it to draft a pattern because its so perfect. The cut is so feminine and comfortable. I want to chop up those old t shirts and make several, using special ribbons for the trim which goes all around the neck and under the bust. But to achieve the lovely fluidity (is that a word? nice isnt it!) of this style I would need to keep the seams super smooth and the edges cant have a bulky turned hem. AND I would love to make some really light as air, gossamer spun dresses but dont fancy hand sewing teeny rolled hems. How lazy of me...... tut, tut.

There.... Ive convinced myself! Watch this space!

Ooops, should have said... the one Im buying can be seen here.

UPDATE! Ive taken the plunge and ordered it! The chap on the phone was so helpful, kind and generous, I cant recommend them enough. Ive ordered some moon thread from http://www.singermachines.co.uk/ as well as it takes 4 spools of thread at a time (99p a reel). Apparently it will be here on Tuesday! Just in time for me to chop up a pile of old tattered trousers that eldest tiddlywink sorted out for me. Im going to make a Halloween outfit..... but thats going to be a whole different post!


  1. Ohmigosh, you are sooo naughty, cos now I want one, and I don't even sew as much as you!!! But I'm sure going to have a go at recycling my clothes as you've given me the confidence to try it :)

  2. Well done for taking the plunge! Can't wait to see all the lovely results!

  3. Love your blog, always read but have never commented before! How exciting a new serger. I live in Canada and purchased a Janome it works great, a bit scary at first cause it goes so fast but you can do some nice finishes, especially rolled hems on sheer fabric, a must for faerie skirts.

  4. You will not regret it!!! Overlockers are fabulous. I sew for a living and have had one for approx 15yrs( yes, the same one) and I wouldn't be without it.
    do have a good look at the manual/dvd(I had a video with mine) don't be scared and have a good long play, You will never regret it I adore mine.
    and you have a friend on hand to ask questions, good luck!! and enjoy.

  5. It is Tuesday! Perhaps you already have your new tool/machine. I wish you many hours of bliss together!