NEW knitwear stock... Tilly cowls

Saturday, 10 October 2009
Heavenly Autumn to peep just above your fairy coat!

Both are in the fairysteps and need a home....!

Ive been busy making some new hairslides too in a poppy design (I know Danielle, about time too!) each one unique. They are sooooo pretty Im wishing that my head was like a girls world, you remember, the toys which you could pull a knob on the neck and loads of shiny hair comes out of the top of the head.

I cant find the knob.... Ive looked...


  1. it's a great blog and beautiful pictures, i would like to read your posts also, so if you could add the 'google translate' on your website? it's would be great :)and once more thing: that what you made it's magic and fairy..