A little fairy having shoe problems....

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A little fairy needed to be drawn on Wednesday....

I had to gather paper and pencil and let her out of my head. She cant decide between Titania fairy shoes or Peasblossom fairy boots, and thats just the start of the problem, because then she would have to choose a colour..... She appears to be wearing a dress that I would very much like!!!

I was going to use her as a banner on the website, but decided instead to let her have a seat on the sidebar of the blog. In fact the website has once again changed back to shades of autumn..... and the blog too needed a revamp.

I think I might be a chameleon. I change colours around me as much as I change my clothes. With the exception of the house. It perpetually looks like Christmas in my house as my favourite colours for decorating are deep victorian red, creamy soft gold, dark sage and holly greens, and deep browns with lots of natural wood thrown in. So, as Autumn is upon us and we will be hurtling into winter before we know it my house will look (even if it doesnt feel it sometimes) cosy and warm.

I LOVE this time of year.


  1. Oh that is just how I was when I was trying to choose fairy shoes! Except instead of having pretty wings and sitting on a cotton reel, I have a laptop and am sat on my sofa looking harassed by my kids!

  2. I love the ever changing look of your shop and blog. Keeps it exciting!