Ego post, Oops, I mean self portraits for Halloween.....

Friday, 30 October 2009

Its never comfortable looking at ones self in a photograph, but so many people asked for pictures of the 'outfit' that I had to oblige.....

Some of them warranted an antiqued tinge, others I have left as they were taken..... apologies for how many there are but I had trouble choosing!

Look at the length of that nose..... Im turning into Winnie the Witch more and more, everyday that passes.....

Im rather chuffed with how it all came together.... if only I had my yard long hair still..... sigh of remorse, sniffle, choke..... never mind, another 5 years and it will be back....

Lets end on a rude one!


  1. Very cute, Ren! You look great in hats :)

  2. I love your blog & your work....keep up the awsiome work

  3. Hi Ren, that outfit is GORGeous! The hat suits you very well and as for that close-up of your face....ANY one's features would look a little larger than usual. I know, I've done it but I'm sure as hell not going to post it hehehe!xx

  4. Yep! That outfit is just the ticket :) Very,very Owensy, but their younger sister :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. How beautiful...I really love the sepia-toned photos, but the color photos show the gorgeous plum colors. I wish you lived closer to would be a great model for my hats!
    Stella xxx

  6. How lovely you are!! The outfit is spectacular, love the full length shots of you and the outfit! I am sure you'll be the belle of the ball on your Halloween outing!

    Happy Hallows and thanks for obliging with the pics! A showing off is quite deserved in this case!

  7. You are such a clever Fairy shoemaker!
    I love the outfit and it suits you perfectly