Chopping up the wardrobe...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Well, well, well..... what a time!

You were of course all right about the overlocker..... its unbelievabely wonderful! I can see its going to take some getting used to though, all those needles and threads, enough to turn a girls brain to jelly. But I think practice will help to make me better and neater with it. Its one of those things that is not easier than it looks!

The above top was a size 10 charity shop find for £1.50 which was made in the most beautiful print on soft jersey. It has a plunging neckline (I say...) and a crossover front. I fell in love with it and hoped that the jersey would be stretchy enough to fit.... Im a size 14 but can get away with a 12 for stretchy tops. It didnt! What a fidget..... untill now.....

I chopped off the too tight sleeves, overlocked, Im going to type that again because it felt quite nice, overlocked the armholes and then cutting off the top of each sleeve, did the same for them.

And there we go... a rather nice set to wear out, or in I suppose too! Ive never worn seperate sleeves before and I must say they are really effective! Its not exactly warm outside today but I didnt feel cold. Just look at that tidy edge seam!

My witches stone (rather special because it was waiting for me at the seaside one late summer evening) looked rather lovely with this neckline so Im throwing in a nice image of it, especially as All Hallows Eve is looming. As I type, a revolting long dark brown velour dress is drying on the kitchen washing line ready for the 'overlocker' treatment tommorow. Im splitting it straight down the front and finishing the edges, then making a button tab with the neckline trimmings, and finally closing it with a big leather button at the top. It going to hopefully be a wonderful thin overcoat to wear for the long weekend ahead sitting out under the starry sky poking bits on my fire......

Planned outfit for the Fairy Shoemaker is:

The long dk brown velvety overcoat (calf length).

Newly made dk brown long petticoat.

Raggedy bottomed linen brown fairy skirt.

Mid brown t shirt which Im chopping up and altering the neckline on later....

Dark brown corset (birthday present made by middle tiddlywink) which laces with gossamer ribbons.

Striped dark green and black stockings.

O and obviously.... a pair of fairysteps fairy shoes.

In short, I am going to look like a big bar of chocolate...

I think I need to make a pointy hat too..... now where is some stiffish fabric? I promise to dress up Polly with all the garb and post a picture here!


  1. I never realised I could have so much fun chopping up clothes, thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. How inspiring! I picked up a serger from freecycle during the summer but I've never even plugged it in as I haven't a clue how to use it. I'm thinking that I really need to order an instruction book for it and give it a go.

  3. Yes, you're inspiring me too, Ren, to take the scissors to some old clothes!

    Can't wait to see your finished chocolate bar emsemble ;)


  4. So inspiring!!!
    Even I might have to have a go at this rate! Actually, I did cut up an old dressing up dress and change it into a trendy elasticated short fairy type skirt for my daughter to wear over leggings! All because I saw you doing this type of thing. So... Thank you! for the inspiration xxxx

  5. O Ren! you seem to have mastered the serger (that's what we call it) you may have read some of my past blogs about mine eating my blouse sleeve...glad you are enjoying it and your chocolate outfit sounds great! A.xx

  6. this is gorgeous.. like your tattoo too :) now i want an overlocker lol.. very inspiring :)

  7. Wonderful new top you have there! Glad you are having fun. Love that witches stone~
    Your outfit sounds wonderful....
    now to think about mine. ha

  8. You are so clever...I love what you're doing with recycling the old clothes. Your wardrobe "menu" sounds delicious...everything chocolate! Maybe I should start making pointy hats, you're inspiring me! Can't wait to see photos of your new wardrobe...your clothing designs will be coming soon to complete your shop's offerings!
    Stella xxx

  9. all those chocolate colours sound divine...fab refashioning :)