By jingo Ive been busy....

Monday, 19 October 2009

Talk about mess! Ive been pulling my hair out this last week.
I decorated middle tiddlywinks bedroom as a birthday present....
Then I had to shift a kitchen cupboard to a new place in the kitchen and re home everything in it. A new cupboard arrived (you can just see it there in the background, made by local carpenters of reclaimed wood).
The dresser needed moving to where the cupboard used to be, this is all ready for the new(er) Rayburn to be installed. Mr Fairysteps has started collecting pipes and tanks and plumby type bits ready for the BIG job.
We ripped out an old built in dresser which Mr Fairysteps and I made together out of old cupboards years ago. It was always a mess and never finished properly.

Sadly so damp in the bottom cupboards that only spiders lived in them. BUT it was just the spot for the big cupboard to go! I used the upper shelves to store all of my plastic recycled pots and tubs, bottles, that type of thing. It was one of those jobs that seemed relatively small and easy and turned into a nightmare about an hour in...... it ended up in me needing to repaint the entire corner, window, floor and all. Several times.... then new skirting, wiring an old plug, etc.....

The top pictures are the before's, and the afters are below!

I even washed my teapots on the dresser!
Dining room to clean up tommorow morning, followed by our yearly visit from the Education Officer (very nice lady), then me thinks me needs to head off and tidy up the workshop. Mr Fairysteps built me new shelves on Sunday so I can clear extra room for working on all the fairy treasures I should be making......


  1. Hi Ren I was just going to say sorry I've not been visiting lately as I've been so busy and then you've stopped me in my tracks by your astonishing amount of busyness! I've got a row of teapots too! I just love the shape and the look of them. There's only one I actually use but I get a whole lotta joy just looking at the others! Your rooms look lovely, you've done a good job!xx

  2. hello my've been so busy, and how that corner and all the reorganisation looks so great.. well done, home makings just great. lots of love xxx