All Hallows Eve is a coming.... time to sew!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

First of all Im going to warn you that this will be a loooooong post...

Ive been playing with the overlocker again and sifting through rags... most of the day....

It started with a few squirrelled bits from a Chagford jumble sale I went to last year, a bargain length of cotton bought online for about £1.50, plus a few charity shop items and a length of ribbon, O and dont forget a few Fairysteps leather buttons.....

We are off to Killerton (a National Trust property) tommorow night for their Halloween Scary Evening event, where the staff jump out on the visitors.... Im sooo excited, any excuse to dress up! We have all been costuming for the last few days. Ive been squashing bits inbetween work, cooking and sleep.

Im going as me....

First thing for the chop was a long shapeless sack of a dress made in a viscose velour in a rather nice dark brown. Size 18 so way too big for me, but I had plans for that extra width. I rather like the look of the 1920's long over jackets. They sort of had that nice swishy appeal that I love in clothes. I thought maybe with a bit of snipping here and there and a length of ribbon this ugly dress could be turned into one.

Firstly I cut it straight down the middle, cutting each side of the overlocked seam which was made during manufacture. I will use this in a moment....

I overlocked those new front edges.

I cut out the inner back neck facing to make a small folded strip. This became the button loop to close the neckline.

I used the cut out seam as rouleau loops on the back. It was about a metre long so I simply cut it in half and made as many loops as I could, roughly at waist height. The loop ends are tucked inside the dart.

Looks a wee bit wonky here, but its okay once the ribbons are in.

Laced up with brown velvet ribbons.

I made the underskirt a few weeks ago. I used a brown linen skirt and the length of bargain cotton. All put together it turned into this....


I dont like the print (its actually sewn with the wrong side facing) but you cant see much of it under the top skirt.

The jumble sale Laura Ashley t shirt in a sort of light plum. It has a wide low neckline... nice, tight stiff hem.... not nice. I chopped off the hem and then stretching while I sew to get the curly edge I overlocked it.

I used a very special brown corset that one of the tiddlywinks made for me for Christmas (lucky me....) and my trusty old raggedy hemmed linen fairy skirt to complete the outfit. The naughty fairy skirt would not keep still for a photograph, hence blurred picture....

Departing from my usual black pointed hat (actually a small tiddlywink has snaffled it this year...) I have opted for an Owens sister's style hat (of Practical Magic fame) which I think will set the whole motley collection of rags off very nicely. I bought a brown wool hat from M&S on a rare shopping trip with a friend last year and havent really worn it since. Its terribly plain and rather dusty to boot now. Again, I snipped and singed and stitched and stole buttons from the shop..... but the light was gone and it was too dimpsy to take a decent picture outside so forgive the blurry indoor one! I shall redo these tommorow if time permits.

This picture is awful, but the colours are veryautumnal and soft and unlike this picture do not resemble cellaphane and kitchen foil.....

So the last thought is do I wear my chocolate ribboned Quince fairy shoes or my bronze Oberon fairy shoes......?


  1. You are a wizardess with that overlock machine and scissors! It's truly worthy Owens sisters styling...better take a lot of your business cards to give out when you wear this outfit on Samhain. Thanks for the peek!
    Stella xx

  2. I so hope there will be pictures of you wearing this lovely ensemble. You have so inspired me to get snipping and sewing :)

  3. You are truly talented. I wish I were as clever on the sewing machine! I, too, would love a pic of you in such Hallows finery!

  4. What a beautiful outfit :D I hope you all have a great time on Saturday :)

  5. I love your outfit, you are so clever. I finally have a sewing machine again, bought two broken sewing machines at junk sales and spent the best part of a day putting a working one to try it out. I'll have to visit more often for some inspiration.

  6. Lovely, lovely stuff...and not a magic wand in sight! Excellent! S.