Textured weave cowl in pea green and a self portrait!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
This is me with my friend Polly (the namesake of this blog...)!
She doesnt say very much, I think her head may be too small for prolonged conversations.... Or it may be because she doesnt have a mouth? Anyway shes wonderful to talk to.... One last note to say about this picture, my hair is growing!!!!!! Yippee!
I think this one would double up as a headband too! Its in the shop on the knitwear page - click here to view.


  1. I love the colours and the butttons.:)

    Funny Loopity stated out as a knitting blog.

    This week Im getting my new glasses, so I can hopefully get my needles out and finish off a few items.
    I have a thing for scarves too, I can't seen to get past knitting them, I have started a jumper, oh and 2 rows on a sock (LOL) I have a stash of sock wool that one day I will start on that probably when little Lou stop taking off with my neeedles while Im knitting.:)

  2. You have GOT to draw a face on Polly...hehe!
    It's lovely to see you and your hair is looking longer and longer! Isn't it always the way, that when you want it to grow, it seems to take forever and when you want it to be kept a certain length it grows too quickly?! Whie I'm here I'd better tell you that I've been trying to leave comments on Fairysteps but the link doesn't seem to be working.xx

  3. I love this photo! You are just gorgeous-fae gorgeous! It is so nice to see who is making all this magical faerie clothing! I love Polly too! And, I love all of these fabulous neck pieces you have made-they are divine! Love this new background on your blog-love the faeries-perfect!