MOONSHINE fairy boots

Sunday, 6 September 2009

These have taken a while to get off the page and into reality but I think it was worth it! Both sides of the boots are shown here and I have to admit I personally prefer them plain without the 3 moons, but you might like them so I am offering a choice.

These have the fairy toe with squidge soling which actually worked really well. I thought it may be too thick to curl on the toe but it turned out fine. I hope to one day offer SQUIDGE only because, firstly its the ultimate in comfort and wear and secondly its great for me only storing one type of soling!

This pair is be-ribboned in brown satin (my favourite).

Wonderful prickly backstraps for fairy appeal!
So there you have it, Moonshine!


  1. Love these boots. You definitely caught the psychobilly punk vibe!

  2. Oh my Goodness - these are just so cool! I really need some! Another thing to add to my 'I want....' list.

  3. You are killing me! Every pair I say to myself "They are the ones." and you do something even more fun to make me second guess. I'm saving my pennies for a custom pair of shoes and I can't decide. sigh......

  4. They look even better than the drawings you did of them, ohhh I'd love some of these!

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