Knitting bag update.... beech nut fairy jumper

Tuesday, 1 September 2009
Autumn is upon us and for woodland fairies its the bestest time of year! With prickly bits galore, holly, ivy tips, beechmasts, acorn husks, horse chestnuts... the list is endless. I feel so inspired that Ive decided to make a completely prickly outfit!
Ive always loved this pattern and particularly like the 12mm needles as jumpers grow like magic on this size needle! Its taken 5 minutes to nigh on complete the front and back, the sleeves will be a snip and the neckline.... O my, you are going to like the neckline! Im changing it into a beechmast. It will just give me a peep of my beautiful scrolling fairy vine tattoo that I have on one shoulder and across my back, talking of which I hope very much that I can have my other side tattooed to match soon.... Id like it extended down my arm, across my back onto the other shoulder and tendrils of the vine onto my neck.... heaven! I am desperate to get it finished!
I dont have any Rowan big wool, or any spare money (I need that for my tattoo work...) to buy any so I carefully rooted amongst the woolly hoard and found 2 different types of wool which combined make up roughly the same tension. And the tweedy mixture once knitted together is rather nice.

So there we go, my first piece of the beechmast ensemble. I already have the skirt all made in chocolate brown linen, but a longer underskirt wouldnt go amiss. And Ive decided in line with this theme that I should keep the first prototype MOONSHINE fairy boots for me to finish it all off. Im going for black grained leather with conker brown smooth leather accents.
If only I could make more hands.....


  1. Looks wonderful and the Moonshine boots, of course, look utterly delicious too!

  2. ooh! i love that you mixed them to get gauge
    it looks absolutely fantastic.
    i believe in faeires wearing
    big wool sweaters... i just
    know they do in my heart!
    ah! a moth just flew right
    by me! i thought it was a
    fairy i swear! ha ha ha

  3. Wow Ren! You continue to amaze with your clever ways with colour and can I say I love the new background colour! Very warm and autumnal :)x

  4. I love your new background colour too! :) and the colour of your jumper.
    Your tattoo sounds amazing my tattoo is 10 years old this month.