Fairy knitwear dainties in the shop!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I LOVE how these colours just came together... All sage and lichen greens.
And lastly a new fairy cowl / collar. I have named her SOPHIE. Very pretty for fairy necks which require a little warming on chilly days....


  1. Very cute, Ren! I love the colors of the top scarf and all the little dangling things on it.

    And thanks for your comments about my new blog layout--especially nice coming from someone who is very handy with the blog layouts--yours always is changing and looks cute :)

    take care,

    ps--love the ironing board and the shot of all your colorful skirts too

  2. I have just spent happy moments catching up on all the lovelies you have been so busy making. yum. i do wish i could knit. love the magical makeover you did with the jumper. i have just finished a big pile of re-vamping things for me 7 mine. such a great satisfied feeling. a belated happy blog 1st birthday to you too! here's to many more. *ruthie*