Doors... and recycling old paint

Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Phew! Ive finished one of those "I must get this done before the winter" jobs today. The sun has been shining all day here and although I DID NOT want to be stuck in painting it was ideal weather for it! Ive got 19 years worth of dregs of paint in tins in the sheds and instead of buying paint for this project decided to mix it all up and see what came out. I was pleasantly surprised. Not my first choice but it is dark which is what I wanted.
I know it makes rooms darker inside but I have concluded that having 21 acres of dirt, most of which ends up inside and on the paintwork.... 4 cats, not to mention 3 tiddlywinks, a rayburn which belches ash.... need I go on.
At least I didnt paint it black....


  1. Well done! Those painting jobs seem to go on for ever don't they? As soon as I do one, I notice something else needs doing, so at the moment I'm turning a blind eye to it all! We've got an open fire which makes a LOT of mess but thankfully in the winter the days are darker so you can't see it. that's the theory anyway! ;)

  2. I'm inclined to paint some doors in our house something other than white. I spent a good part of today wiping down dirty hand prints on corners and hallways and doors. I'm tired of white and seeing every finger print. I may do like you and see what I have enough of in the garage to paint some doors and frames.
    That olor you got is nice and homey. I like it.

  3. Looks like a big yummy chocolate bar....umm! Fresh paint is so lovely. 21 acres...!! Cheers! A.xx