Buttons, buttons and more buttons...

Thursday, 24 September 2009
I have gone into button making overdrive....
I just felt the need to make lots and lots of the little dears. Ive still got several piles stacked up on a saucer next to Reggie ready to be stitched so this isnt all of them.
Ive had so much fun putting them on my handknits that I thought other knitty people might too. So Im putting them for sale in the knitwear section of the shop. They are so perfect for knitwear, especially woollen knits where handwashing is the order of the day. So many finished projects call for a BIG button and most of the ones Ive seen are so heavy they pull down and distort the knitted fabric. Not so with leather! Light as a dandelion clock and washable. In short.... perfection!
Button making is addictive though... and its not getting these fairy shoes made is it!


  1. They look gorgeous! I've already snapped up two for a hemp skirt I have planned ... big oversized pockets on the side, big leather buttons to finish it off :)

  2. Oh I love these! And I adore your layout. Thanks so much for following Mermaid in a Manhole.