BEECHMAST jumper update

Monday, 7 September 2009
BEECHMAST JUMPER UPDATE - Knitted front and back, knitted first sleeve, perfect length for an Orangutan, unpicked first sleeve, wept bitterly, knitted first sleeve again at the right length and finished it smiling broadly, started second sleeve......


  1. I love the boots and the shoes.. they're gorgeous and look so comfy! :)

  2. ACK! i love the photos the faeries took! love the boots with the stripey socks and faerie skirt! i am freaking out at how beautiful everything looks together! this is an outfit i would wear EVERYDAY! how magical and wonderful! and, i love the new shoes with the ribbon-just gorgeous. oh, please tell your faeries to fly the boots, skirt and stripey socks to me ASAP so i can wear them at my art opening on this 11 sept. fri. night! oh, and have them add a pretty shirt that is embroidered with "REN MADE EVERYTHING WITH OUR HELP!" hehe! glad you got your jumper back on track too. can't wait to see how that turns out as well!

  3. I love all of your things - the boots are amazing. Will the POP purse be in funky colours soon?

  4. Gorgeous, both are whimsically gorgeous!

  5. you are definitly THE fairy shoe maker! Glad the jumper is going better...if I counted all the stitches I'd ever unpicked...but why bother...:)

  6. I love All your things. The moonshine boots are living up to my expectations. love mary
    P.S. I think I have the same sleeve problem with the cardi that I'm knitting. Am desperately trying to rectify it as it has intarsia flowers knitted and so I really don't want to inpick and start again.