MUSTARDSEED... fairy boot, new pictures!

Monday, 17 August 2009
As promised... the new mustardseed fairy boots are now sanded and shaped up ready to be seen in all their elfy, piskyish, fairieness glory!!!

I particularly like this birds eye view of them...

The points have all been curled to fairy perfection...

All that remains is for me to make a pink pair with ribbon lacing... O my, imagine applique butterflies on the sides too! I may have to add these as an option for flutterby fairies!
The lovely Rebecca has requested blog posts on all of the new fairy shoes as I make them! What a good idea Rebecca! Ive just finished a new batch of 5 others so look out for posts in the next few days on these.
Last note: Ive dreamt up 2 new styles for the collection, FLUTE - All I can say is if you like the Cicely Mary Barker winter holly fairy then you are going to LOVE these! And last but not least HERMIA - An open front with pretty little flowers at the lacing points, very pretty!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are incredible! wow!
    I love the idea of you posting all your new fairy shoes! Simply fab.

  2. They are incredible,wearable works of art. Lindax

  3. Beautiful beautiful boots! Just been away for a few days relax on a narrow boat, fairy shoes well broken in now and like fairy slippers!! So comfy!
    My you've been busy Ren! The boots are perfect! How exciting!
    Glad you like the idea of posting up the shoe orders of other piskies and fairies so we can all have a gander!
    Keep up the lovely work!
    Rebecca x

  4. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these divine boots! how fabulous they will be with stripey socks! fabulous!