MOONSHINE and PEASBLOSSOM fairy boots are walking in my head....

Friday, 28 August 2009
I know I said I was going to keep the new fairy shoe collection 'small' but whats a fairy shoemaker to do when her head is full of the most amazing boots... flaunting themselves under petalled fairy skirts?????

Ive had hardly any sleep for a week now, lying in bed making boots in my mind, each stitch methodically made but never real! Ive put them in 'the big book' and decided that today, along with a batch of orders I MUST draft some patterns ready to make them real.
Only drawings here, but they nearly always end up looking identical to the drawings so this is whats coming up!!!

MOONSHINE fairy boots
These are especially for wearing with striped stockings, beloved of fairies everywhere! Based on 2 very popular previous styles from fairysteps, Hook and Tinks. The fronts will be open laced with a small curled front and prickly accents galore on the backstraps which will frame the 3 full moons perfectly. There is more than one moon in Fairyland isnt there?
PEASBLOSSOM (my original Shakespeare spells it thus, but I have seen it elsewhere with an extra E????) a slightly shorter boot than Mustardseed. I think the deep back curve suits it rather well. Complete with a Fairysteps poppy on the top outer quarter. I have searched for weeks for quality silk flowers as the decoration for this boot and finally decided that I should make my own leather flowers for them.
Phew! Just got to sprinkle some fairy dust on the drawings now and wait for the magic to happen!


  1. Please make as many pairs as you like. One day I hope to buy some. I'm not too good at saving my pennies so for now I will look and smile at your new creations. They are magical.

  2. Oh dear! I've been waiting to see what your new designs would be, and they did not disappoint! Now, I need to decide which shoes to get as a birthday present from my wonderful husband! And what color!!

  3. The boot designs are beautiful! The weather has chilled off a little here and I am noticing how tired my old boots are looking this year. I am hoping the Fairies will help me magic some pennies from somewhere. I'd love a pair of shoes too but that might make me sound a little greedy!

    I love all your designs :)


  4. ack! i love them! fabulous faerie boots! my favourite are the moonbeam ones(i have a thing about the moon and with stripey socks and a fabulous skirt these boots will just look spectacular!). i really don't know how you do it all. the pixies and faeries really must be helping you out!

  5. oops-that's "moonshine" boots. the "moonbeam" ones must still be in your head!

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