Last pictures... promise!

Sunday, 23 August 2009
Last pictures I promise... its now complete!

Rather posh for everyday use, but perfect for a 'keep in reserve if I ever get asked out' ! I need a red petalled fairy skirt to go with this, coupled with a forest green vest and then maybe I could keep it for best, I can be a Christmas fairy.
I found a nice way of making petalled fairy skirts which I aim to share very soon... youre going to like it!!!


  1. Ren, it,s GORGEOUS! I love the embellishment on're tempting me to start knitting again!
    Stella xxoo

  2. I agree--absolutely beautiful!!! That is such a clever way of embellishing it, Ren :) Always inspiring to see what you've been working on!

  3. Hello, I'm leaving you a comment because you have the most lovely blog. Fantastic writing and I love your pics as well. Best wishes !

  4. ren-it is gorgeous! i love it! and, you are right, you could wear it everyday or for something fancy. can't wait to see the skirt you are thinking about. yes, i will be needing this cardigan, some of your shoes and a skirt while you are at it-thanks!

  5. It really is lovely! The leaves are the perfect decoration, you were definitely hit by the inspiration fairy! It's so lovely I could wear it to the next wedding. (Except it'll take me a very long time to get over last saturday's celebrations ;) !)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your petalled fairy skirts! :)x