Im turning... like the Rowan berries

Thursday, 6 August 2009
Everything around me is turning to red.... just like the berries.

Sunday saw me sitting in sunshine, up in the garden with a pile of red cardigan on my knees...

The fairy shoemaker is happily reaching the end of this project.... Im on the ribbing!!!!

And yesterday I turned from brown and green to red and orange. I do this every week, choosing a new colour to suit my mood and making sure that everything (yes this does include my knickers) matches.... Ive always done it!

A very blurry picture taken in the back door... note striped stockings, just visible with my new QUINCE fairy shoes, I love them to bits!!!! I am strongly considering an olive green pair.....

I pick wild strawberries nearly every morning outside the back door. We have a big wild strawberry patch which has been bursting with fruit. I leave the lowest ones for the toad....

And the Rowan tree on the back lawn, my marker for the changing of the year. She is wearing a scarlet beaded coat at the moment and looking beautiful.... but it does mean that the year is on the cusp of change and woolies will need to be unearthed before long as the nights draw in.

The tiddlywinks have been leaving messages of love for me on the garden table. I am ever so lucky.

Last note....
I have in my state of insomnia (to pass the hours) fiddled with the website AGAIN. I rather fell in love with the new colours here on the blog and once I went back to the website it all looked pale and washed out.... I felt it needed an injection of warm woodlandy colour. I just hope that people will be able to read the writing against such a dark background???
Off up to my workshop I go to make fairy shoes.... and pack orders. I watched all night for Elves.... I carefully laid out 5 new pairs of shoes on the work table, just like in the Ladybird book.... no one came..... I guess I had better go and make them myself...
cant get the staff these days!


  1. You look beautiful and I like the new colors on here. They are very earthy.

  2. Gorgeous Ren! Our children are our finest creations!! Lucyxx

  3. Lovely red knitting! Lovely orange and red clothes combo and of course...lovely stripey legs!! That's so sweet of your children to make messages out of the berries. I love to see your garden it looks so magical and inspiring. Thanks Ren! :)x

  4. What a lovely and whimsical post, it made me excite about the approaching autumn which has always been my favourite season, with her gentle breezes, generous colours, free breathing air, new beginings.... Lovely lovely autumn! Not meaning to wish away our summer of course!

  5. Yum, love the new colours on the web site & here, love the colours in this post, love the colours you are wearing & working with!! love your clothes & the way you dress. i can feel taste early autumn. these are all my fave colours. and love the sweet message from your children, isn't it precious! i woke a few mornings ago to post-it notes in a trail all down the stairs into the kitchen with lovely messages from my boy (guess im lucky as he's just turning 15!)