FAIRY SHOES... just hatched

Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Rather gorgeous TITANIA fairy shoes in black grained with specially requested pink insoles and pink stitching!

And again!

TITANIA fairy shoe in UK 6.5 standard fitting, these are for stock...

THISBE fairy shoe in ivy pull up for R.E in a UK 4.5 standard fitting, and I LOVE this colour so much I want some!!!

THISBE fairy shoe in black grained with contrast blackcurrant insoling, again in a UK 4.5 standard fitting.
Back to work... making the next batch.... Ive even got some new bags up my sleeve...


  1. Hi Ren! I've just been catching up with your blogs posts...those cornflower blue shoes are delicious! I love your neatly pressed pile of dyed fabric and lace just waiting to be played with. I haven't knitted for months and seeing your needles and wool has got me itching to get back to some! I love the way you're so creative with your clothes.x

  2. ACK REN! the TITANIA in turquoise! they are just too much! that is my favourite colour! ok, those i need for sure. i might faint!
    i am foaming at the mouth! you must stop making all these fabulous things unless you can deliver them all to my door immediately! ha!

  3. beautiful fairy feet...i have to save a little and buy some me thinks ;0)