ELWEN... a new belt

Friday, 7 August 2009
A leathery roll of Elfen goodness...

The sections remind me of falling Autumn leaves... I made it as soon as I turned to red...

Ive named this new style ELWEN which translates as 'Friend of the Elves'. Very apt, because its a very Elvish type of belt. Incredibly comfortable and I LOVE the colours! I am currently making some QUINCE fairy shoes with the sharpest, pointiest toe, complete with a flower border in this new Pumpkin leather (same as above). Ive used a mulberry nubuck for the insole and they will have mulberry ribbons.... They wont be ready till the end of next week, but I can see they are going to be stunners!!!! Cant wait to show the world.
Ive added masses upon masses of fairy socks to the shop and can now write 85% cotton with my eyes closed....
Last note.... The fairy shoemaker is going camping and will be away from the tippertapper till next Thursday.... wish me sunshine!!!


  1. oh, i love this! i adore these colours together! can't wait to see the next pair of faerie shoes! have a great trip!