Berry red cardigan... update!

Saturday, 22 August 2009
Mr Fairysteps made me a throne to knit upon and stare out across the distant moor....
Armed with the 'berry red' this morning and a crochet hook, plus autumnal coloured wools I sat upon my throne and made leaves!
Ive stitched on one side, and am in the process of stitching on the other. Its not very perfect, but hopefully its effective! I rather like it. Its lifted this very plain cardigan to another level me thinks.

Once this is finished I'm looking through my fairisle patterns for ideas for the border on my new sleeveless pullyover.....


  1. Beautiful, the additions really make it unique and a different cardigan than without them. :D
    Reminds me, I should wear my ivy head dress out this evening, to celebrate Culture Night :D

  2. first, i love the fairy throne! it is just amazing! i want to throw some gold dust on it!

    and wow, the berry red cardigan is going to be fantastic! i love it as well!

  3. I love the throne, and your red cardy

  4. A lovely cardigan for Autumn and winter.Oh, and your throne is wonderful too!