QUINCE my new fairy shoes....

Thursday, 23 July 2009
Being an indecisive type of fairy shoemaker Ive had a hard time choosing new shoes! Finally I decided on QUINCE from the new collection. I made these with the remnants of the first ever skin that I bought way back in the mists of time... well, 2002 actually! Just enough left to make a rag tag BIRCH bag and these beauties. Made in deepest chocolate brown leather to go with my new woodzie chocolate and green wardrobe theme.

I wore them for the first time this morning to hang the washing out.... I may sleep in them, they feel so lovely and comfy. Quite airy too. The best bit is that Ive got new striped stockings... a wonderful sludgey green and black narrow stripe, can you imagine how wonderful they will look with these. No need to... I will take pictures when I start wearing them!

And here is PUCK with what I think I will call the IMP toe shape (it was going to be PIXIE). As you can see, MOST unusual and maybe not every fairies cup of tea, but I rather like them. They do look naughty, just like I said! This toe works well with this style but as I pointed out I'm not sure it would work with others. I may offer this as bespoke soon. Wonder if I should put a note saying non pidgeon toed walkers only on them?????
Ive spent a long morning making bread, cakes and buns! I shall spend the early afternoon knitting, the evening working. Im off most of next week (visitors flying in to Fairysteps land) so posts may be thin on the ground!


  1. Fabulous! I adore both pairs of shoes! They really must be fantastic if you want to sleep in them! And yes, I really do want to see a photo of them with your stripey socks! All of my socks are now stripey-I just can't go back to plain ones-that would just be silly when I can wear stripey ones!
    Take care,

  2. wow!!!! like nothing ive ever seen before!
    absolutely fabulous! xoxo