Farewell Ange.....

Friday, 31 July 2009
Came on Tuesday, left on Friday.... And only one picture can sum it all up..... We made food (scrummy meals, lemon curd, sponge cakes, yellow, thats right Ange NOT pink, iced buns and bread), and memories! Thank you for coming so far to visit xxxxxx


  1. i like the new look here! those gorgeous cakes look just amazing! i am glad i am no where near them-no, i take that back, i would love to have one with you and a cup of tea(i'll bring some tea). thanks for your lovely post!
    take care,

  2. Thanks so much yourself...what a wonderful time in your inspiring company, and of course your very special family too. The cakes were just the tip of the (yellow) ice berg! Will talk soon, have also written a posting myself!!! Yes miracles do still happen?! Lots of love x