Fairy shoes by candlelight.....

Saturday, 4 July 2009
Have I introduced you to my little bureau?
It cost me £18 from the local dump and I love it!!!

Yesterday evening when the sky was dimpsy I had the urge to paint the fairy shoes that were floating around inside my head. My notebook is full of sketches and construction notes for them but there is nothing like a good painting! The first 3 styles have been made, PUCK and THISBY have yet to get off the page.

The painting does at least show the 3 toe shapes I intend to offer (subject to me actually experimenting and making sure they work!).
  • FAIRY - Long and pointy, the most extreme, because fairies spend most of their time on their wings not their feet!
  • ELVEN - Still pointed but much shorter, because Elves walk along way and are apt to burst into a run....
  • PIXIE - Shortest point offset, because pixies are always naughty and this whole shoe looks like someone naughty should be wearing it.....

So thats me sorted! Time to cook tea now and continue with shoe orders later, else I will never get these fairy shoes made, and I am desperate to!!!


  1. Yay! It's been ages seen I've seen your paintings! The shoes make a lovely design lined up all in a row like that and I love the names of them and the reasons behind them! What a lucky find that bureau was, it's lovely even at ten times that price.x

  2. OOH! love your little bureau! i have gotten all my furniture from dumps, ditches-it amazes me what people will throw out!

    and, oh my! your painting alone is lovely. i would frame it and just be happy looking at, but, to know that these shoes are actually made by you is just incredible! i love them all-way too much magick!

  3. I love the bureau, what a great find. And I love those cheecky pixie shoes.

  4. Beautiful bureau :) Even things from the dump are so expensive here.

    Those pixie/puck toe shoes are definitely me :D

  5. Wow I am inlove with your blog and the shoes you make! And this little beaurea is aboslutely goregous. I'll definately be following from now on and adding your link to my page so everyone else can come and see your lovely creations!

  6. your "dump" find is a real treasure, things found like that are all the more precious for it. i love nothing better than to rescue someone elses cast offs and give them new life, i love yoour painting too, beautiful . .

  7. Hello there! First time on your lovely blog! :) So many things to adore.. your bureau.. the shoes! and your descriptions of the wearer.. i really like the elven ones.. but i believe im more of a pixie! hehe



  8. I love your wonderful find, and your shoe descriptions, I think I'm an Eleven. Lindax

  9. Ooh lucky you finding that bureau!
    Our dump doesn't let you take anything, or buy it!!! So mean and senseless!
    I love your new fairyshoe designs too. x

  10. Beautiful bureau, such a find!
    Found your blog via Emma Lambs.
    The work you design and create looks amazing, v talented lady! ;0

  11. *OH! precious fairy ren!!!*
    i received my purses!
    thank you SOO much for the
    little plum pouch! he is PErfect!
    i got them in the mail
    and then had to rush
    off for america and
    since then lost my
    mind entirely and
    forgot to let you
    know that they
    arrived safely!
    hearts and fairysteps!

    ps.. looking so forward to seeing the
    new toe shapes.. they are pure magic!

  12. Found you at folk and fairy. I love your lighting for the bureau pix.